"Me And You"  Tim Apple

Remember those crazy old nights

When we were teens

Not a care in the world

and acting as if we were kings and queens

We had it all figured out

Didn't want to hear much of anything

Just call it as it is

No ifs, ands, or buts or in betweens


Because there is no one else in this world that I can see

But when I close my eyes

it's just me and you and that's all that can be

Sometimes things just get so complicated

But we'll figure it out eventually

There's just one thing

There's just one thing I can tell you 

Your'e my everything

[repeat chorus]

My world would be so upside down (upside down)

Just lift me up off my feet again and you'll see

I could never press rewind (press rewind)

No regrets, just memories 

Let me tell you how I know

[repeat chorus 2x]

Southern California based Singer Songwriter, live looping acoustic guitar player.

© 2020 by Tim Apple. All rights reserved.